The truck that you recieve is dependant on the size of your jobsite, what you are pouring and if you are using a pump. 

We’ve outlined below what trucks we use, so you can make the best decision based on what you need.

6 Wheeler Trucks (22T)

Used for small loads and restricted access sites.

Carrying Capacity0.4m³ To 6m³Dimensions:
Weight22 tonnes loadedHeight3.9m access required
Chute Length2.5mLength8m
Chute Height2.2mWidth2.8m access required

8 Wheelers (23T)

Used for larger loads at commonly used with concrete pumps.

Carrying Capacity0.4m³ To 5.8m³Dimensions:
Weight22.5 tonnes loadedHeight4.0m access required
Chute Length2.8mLength7.3m
Chute Height1.6mWidth3.0m access required

10 Wheelers (28T)

Used for large jobs with ample room to manoeuvre.

Carrying Capacity0.4m³ To 7.0m³Dimensions:
Weight27.5 tonnes loadedHeight4.0m access required
Chute Length2.8mLength8.9m
Chute Height1.6mWidth3.0m access required
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