Placement Method

Concrete can be discharged in a variety of ways and the conditions of your site, what you are pouring and the amount you’re pouring will change how this happens. Coming off the chute is preferable for smaller jobs, like civil works or small pathways. Bigger jobs need a bit more planning, and pumps are used to effectively move concrete across bigger space. 

Site Accessibility

It’s important to consider the size and weight of our trucks when ordering with us, as well as any potential blockades that could impact the ease of access. For more information on what to check for onsite before your truck arrives, check out our Trucks page.

Allowing for Wastage

To make certain that your pour goes as smoothly as possible, make sure to allow extra in your volume estimate for any small errors in measurement and a small amount for anything going into a hopper. As a rule of thumb, we generally suggest to add about 10% of your total leave room for error. 

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